About Us

Service Restore Pro can handle all sorts of water-related and flooding problems. The team will reply to the situation straight away. We have the experience and the correct equipment to react to the situation straight away. 

We can assist with anything from flooding to water restoration. We take on jobs that are as big as feet or could work in one area.

Certified Professionals

We’ve got a team of over 20 trained and proficient water damage restoration technicians prepared to answer your emergency. 

  • All our staff undergoes additional in-house IICRC accredited training in water damage restoration.
  • We do not accept employees provided by external placement agencies for employment or for filling any vacant positions.
  • We strictly follow OSHA, WHMIS regulations, and any other applicable safety regulations when providing our services.
  • IICRC certified employees only carry out every Service Restore Pro service.
Water Damage Restoration

Experience You Can Trust

Our employees have experience in working in all sorts of setups in water damage restoration services. They have handled major projects in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, commercial establishments, churches, homes, hotels, manufacturing areas, warehouses, and offices, among other relevant areas. In our work, we guarantee minimal interruptions of the normal operations in your business or home. Besides all our employees are educated on how to manage and safe-keep personal properties and prevent further damage to your assets. No matter the complexity of your situation, trust you are in safe hands when you manage the water damage restoration services to Service Restore Pro.

Highest Quality Equipment

To reduce damages caused in your house and decrease the drying period, we utilize state of the art water restoration equipment

  • We use quite efficient scientific procedures of drying to perform our services. All the equipment our workers use is cleaned and decontaminated for every single use.
  • Our truck-mounted extraction techniques provide the power which is used to deal with large and small sewer backups.
  • If we are done with our operations on your premises, we utilize our large track to remove all the debris, leaving your place cleaner than we found it.

All our previous gear gets continually refreshed with new advanced equipment.

Family Owned and Operated

John E. Winther, owner of Service Restore Pro, and John N. Winther, operations manager, oversee all work performed on location.

John E. Winther has more than 20 years of experience providing emergency services to homeowners and business owners. He has served as a consultant to numerous local and national service companies for his skills in workforce training and quality control. He is certified in water damage restoration by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

John N. Winther provides all estimates and is responsible for the supervision and guidance of all crew members. He is certified in water damage restoration by the IICRC and has a certification in mold remediation by the Indoor Air Quality Association.